Jyhad On Line (JOL)

The home page of net Jyhad, a.k.a. Vampire, the Eternal Struggle (VtES), a trading-card game by White Wolf

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What is JOL?

JOL is a series of games of VtES being played over the internet. Players email their actions to the players in the game, and other players, if inclined, must react within the 24 hour time limit, weekends not included. Once around the table takes from 1-2 weeks on average, faster if everybody has good access.

The new version (JOL3) uses an interactive web interface for game-play. The deckserver handles all shuffling and dealing, to ensure fair play, but the players move cards and counters around the interactive game board using the web interface. A chat window is included in the web interface, so games can take place in real time if all the players are online.

JOL games are played with straight VEKN rules, using the latest rulings as of the start of a game. If there are rule changes in the middle of a game, it is up to that game whether they want to convert to new rules. For new card sets, they become valid for play in JOL at the same time as they are in play for regular tournaments (ie 30 days after release I believe).


(February 22) All new games will use the new JOL3 interface. That page has updated status and links, this page will eventually be EOL'ed and replaced with that one.

The JOL 2004 tournament is complete! Check out the standings.

The JOL 2002 tournament is now over. Check out the standings.

Game information

Ongoing JOL games

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Finished games

Future games

To sign up for new games, register for the new server, create a deck or two and store it on the server, then email me to say you're ready for a game. I'll start games as people are ready. At some point it will be possible to start games interactively as well, but for now, we'll do things manually.

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